None Other live report

The Saturday that got behind us, A.S and Johnny Balt (I told you about them already) kicked some ass in Athens. Just sayin’, I woke up with boot marks on my tushy. Honest.

Try google translate, it’s fun. You know you want to. Johnny Balt says so. A.S. knows and speaks flawless Greek, so he doesn’t need to use it.

News, 2016

Happy to inform the storm of people reading this [throaty chuckle] that NONE OTHER has undergone a paradigm shift, welcoming members A.S. (aka Lambros Zafeiropoulos) on drums, sound effects and samples and bassist extraordinaire Johnny Balt (aka Johnny Balt) for a more organic, power trio flavor! Readying themselves for whatever live shows they can participate in the future, currently hard at work deciphering the -at times- needlessly complex (truth be told) arrangements of the previous records. Before the bassist (also known as Johnny Balt) came along, NONE OTHER tried their luck as a duo, hereby performing “I, Replicator” on a lovely park in Athens at the end of July, 2016:

But then, one bassist (also known as Johnny Balt) hopped on board and changed everything for the better. His name is Johnny Balt.

Recent interviews.

Some recent interviews in the links below:

Newer News, end of 2015

Quite some time has passed. Close to three years later, time was ripe for a new effort which you can read all about in these pages. The bandname ‘None Other’ will hopefully serve memory better than my own name and the music took a step further, at least I hope it did.
Many thanks go to Taki for revamping the site and bringing everything up to speed. Immeasurable amount of thanks are also due to everyone who stood by and with me during perhaps my biggest adventure yet.
I will leave you for now with an intimate video from one of the most intimate songs from the new record referring to chemo and self-help medication, called Torpor Serving.

ΝΕΑ, 2013

“Spyros Charmanis – Wound”.
Πέραν της διαδικτυακής οδού, το cd μπορεί όποιος θέλει να το προμηθευτεί από τα εξής καταστήματα:

-Sound Effect: Ζαϊμη 30, Εξάρχεια

-Το Υπόγειο (πρώην Σόλωνος & Μασσαλίας): Καπλανών 44, Νεάπολη (μεταξύ Εξαρχείων & Κολωνακίου -πάροδος Μασσαλίας)

Με τιμή λογικά κάτω του 10ευρου.


New Site is Up!

Hello World! Nah, too cheesy..The new site is finally up. My sincere thanks to Taki for all his hard work and patience. Boy, I sure showed him patience. I believe that from now on he can even carry and deliver babies (if he was a seahorse, that is).

Anyway, everything you need to know is between these pages, lots of music and lots of pictures, plus you can download the leaflets for both albums (seeing as Wound’s booklet was not printed properly).

Take care and always love,