News, 2016

Happy to inform the storm of people reading this [throaty chuckle] that NONE OTHER has undergone a paradigm shift, welcoming members A.S. (aka Lambros Zafeiropoulos) on drums, sound effects and samples and bassist extraordinaire Johnny Balt (aka Johnny Balt) for a more organic, power trio¬†flavor! Readying themselves for whatever live shows they can participate in the future, currently hard at work deciphering the -at times- needlessly complex (truth be told) arrangements of the previous records. Before the bassist (also known as Johnny Balt) came along, NONE OTHER tried their luck as a duo, hereby performing “I, Replicator” on a lovely park in Athens at the end of July, 2016:

But then, one bassist (also known as Johnny Balt) hopped on board and changed everything for the better. His name is Johnny Balt.

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